Cashmere Cozyness

Cashmere Cozyness

Hey there,

I was just browsing through the net ,looking for some fall outfit inspiration and I thought , why not share. What do you think about this cozy cashmere look?



Hey loves,
I haven´t been blogging for a while now and I want you to know why.
Well, I have been thinking about a new beginning , a new blog and some changes for a long time now.
To be honest I was´t happy with my blog anymore. Here on blogspot ´One Piece Black´ it isn´t my very own blog , just a space in between thousands of other bloggers on blogspot. Don´t get me wrong it´s ok for the beginning and easy to use but I felt like I needed something new. And I think I am more the person who wants to create and run something on her on.
But I did´t just want to move and reopen my blog, no! I thought I should rather make it more specific more "Jessica" like. Maybe I will include a category with my art. But that takes time and I will let you know when that happens!

Hugs, Jess


Top 6 Off Shoulder Styles

Top 6 Off Shoulder Shirts

The Off Shoulder top is a tend that can hardly be ignored. And as a fan of the 70´s I have to confess that I love this trend too. Have a nice Thursday everyone!